How to find the best tech deals

Have you been looking for a new smartphone, laptop, headphones or smartwatch for some time? But is the price for the product in question still a bit too high? Or are you curious about the best offers in the tech area at all? We explain how you can score the best tech deals.

Tech products are very subject to price changes. A smartphone, laptop or any other technological gadget can have a different price per day. The current web shops are set up in such a way that the prices sometimes even change several times a day. As soon as one shop comes up with a discount, the other shops usually follow almost immediately. It sometimes happens that somewhere, a bit hidden, a super good deal is located.

In short, it is very difficult to determine the appropriate moment to purchase tech products. Is this really the cheapest price? Is the discount correct? What was the price a month ago? Wasn't the product just cheaper before without the indicated discount?

Price drops lists all the products that have actually been discounted. This page consists of a list of products that have recently been reduced in price the most in percentage. Including the amount of discount and where to get the deal.

The products are listed by popularity by default. You can also adjust this display based on price (ascending and descending), review score or price difference.

A number of interesting search filters can be applied on the page. For example, you can filter by price difference (from %) and price (euros). This way you can see whether the products have actually been reduced in price. In addition, it can be seen whether this has been the lowest price ever for the product in question. You can also filter per shop. You can also search more specifically at product level. You can file by category, product group and brand.

This way you can keep a close eye on the latest real discounts!

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