This is how the new Digital Reading from Computer!Totaal works

The Digital Reading of Computer!Totaal has been completely renewed. Here we explain how you as a subscriber can read the magazine digitally on your desktop, tablet and smartphone.

The new Digital Reading works slightly differently than before, which is why we explain everything in great detail. As a first step it is necessary to link your subscriber number and zip code to your Computer!Totaal account. You can do this very easily by clicking on the top right sign in on, then at the top right of your user name and enter your six-digit subscriber number and zip code here. Then click on the bottom right To adjust.

Don't have an account yet? Then you can click on at the top right To register click and go here Register to go. Here you can also enter your subscriber number and zip code.

Where can I find my subscriber number?

Your subscriber number is on the plastic seal around the Computer!Totaal that you will receive at home. They are the six digits that appear as a series above your address.

Read on your desktop or laptop

Computer!Totaal can easily be read on a desktop or laptop by logging in to Lees. Here you can read all editions - up to and including 2013 - without restriction. Choose the edition you want to read, then go to Read Now. You can to leaf through by clicking on the arrows on the sides, zoom in by double clicking on the item, and exit full screen with the Escape key.

Read on an iOS device

You can also log in on your iPhone and iPad via Lees. Select the edition you want, then click Download this edition. Once the edition has been downloaded, it will appear in your browser. Now tap Open in "iBooks" to read the magazine in iBooks.

When you download an edition, it stays in iBooks permanently until you manually delete it. This way you can read Computer!Totaal even without an internet connection.

Read on an Android device

First, make sure you have an e-reader app installed on your Android smartphone or tablet, such as eBook Reader. Go to and choose the edition you want to read. Then click Download this edition and wait for the file to download.

When asked which app you want to open the edition with, choose your eBook app (such as eBook Reader). The edition now opens in the app of your choice, and can now always be found via this app - also offline.

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