The most searched trending Google search terms in the Netherlands in 2019

We are slowly creeping closer to the end of the year, which means in this data-driven society that many lists come along. After all, there is plenty of data available to gain interesting insights in 2019. For example, the most searched Google search terms.

Now the search behavior is often the same, but not the trending search behavior. That is, what are the search terms that drove the biggest increase in traffic compared to last year? Which terms suddenly received an extremely high number of searches in 2019 and why? Google has compiled a handy list of these.

Search behavior the Netherlands on Google

Before we go to the 2019 list, let's look back at the 2018 list. There is a big difference between the two lists: Avicii, Glennis Grace, Barbie, Litebit, Jos B., Meghan Markle, Maarten van der Weijden, Fortnite, Mac Miller and Boer is looking for a wife. In short, people mainly looked for people, and these were almost always people from the world of glitter and glamour. Even the television program Farmer Searches Woman and the video game Fortnite were extremely popular as a search in 2018. So a year full of entertainment.

That will change in 2019. In our country, in 2019, there was suddenly a lot more search for Ajax, which is number one. Then follow: 2. Women's World Cup, 3. Notre Dame, 4. Julen, 5. Duncan Laurence, 6. Bridget Maasland, 7. Iris Hond, 8. Utrecht, 9. European Elections and 10. Fall of the Berlin Wall. The year was much less about individuals and entertainment, more about current affairs and politics.

It was mostly about good performances (Ajax, World Cup women's football, Duncan Laurence) and what simply dominated the news, such as the boy Julen who fell into the well, the attack in Utrecht and the Fall of the Wall, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. And of course there was also something to do in the field of gossip and backbiting: towards the end of the year Bridget Maasland and Iris Hond stand out, in connection with their (alleged) relationships with André Hazes Junior and Marco Borsato.

Which means...

In addition, Google also answered what was most trending as question after "what means". From most popular, those are: wollah, huts, SFS, Arcade and herres. Good to know: wollah is slang for 'really', huts actually means nothing but is in a popular song, SFS is both in a minute (seffens) and 'selfie for selfie' (I'll send you a selfie, but expect it then so also one back), Arcade is the title of the song with which the aforementioned Duncan Laurence won the Eurovision Song Contest and herres is chaos/escalation.

Curious which films the Dutch have searched the most, or which television programs or athletes, view the list from Google. Our list of common search terms is vastly different from the world's. Only Notre Dame is similar, otherwise:

  • India vs South Africa
  • Cameron Boyce
  • Copa America
  • Bangladesh vs India
  • iPhone 11
  • Game of Thrones
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • joker
  • Notre Dame
  • ICC Cricket World Cup

Joker was the most searched for trending term in the Netherlands in the field of film, but cricket and Disney stars are less popular in our country, if we go by what our fellow countrymen have searched on the largest search engine in the world.

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