How to keep your iPhone screen on longer

The fact that your iPhone automatically switches to standby after a while is a very nice feature. After all, if that didn't happen, your battery would run out much faster and the iPhone isn't known for its phenomenally good battery. You can adjust that automatic lock, even if your iPhone says you can't do it at all.

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However, it can sometimes be the case that you (temporarily) want to prevent your iPhone from jumping into standby. For example, when you use an app to film that is not made by Apple. With these types of apps, it can happen that your iPhone just jumps to standby after a few minutes, interrupting filming (this is especially the case with Live videos). In principle, this is easy to adjust.

Adjust auto lock

It's always been possible to adjust the auto-lock (i.e. the period after which your iPhone goes into standby), but the location of this setting has moved a few times with the release of a new version of iOS. In iOS 10 you will find this feature by Institutions to open and press Display and brightness and then Automatic lock. You can then indicate exactly after how many seconds or minutes the lock should be activated.

Why can't I adjust automatic lock?

You see, adjusting this setting is quite easy. But sometimes, when you try to do that, the setting turns out to be gray, and suddenly you can't adjust it anymore. Don't worry, your iPhone isn't broken and iOS isn't messed up. If you can't adjust Auto Lock, it's because Power Saver Mode is turned on. In this mode, your iPhone consumes as little power as possible, which is why fast shooting to standby is important. If, even with low battery, you want to control how long it takes for Auto Lock to activate, you can manually disable Power Saving Mode. You do this by entering Institutions pressing Battery, and there the Energy saving mode to turn off.

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