Appie and Google Assistant: this is how you connect the services

When you use the Google Assistant on your smartphone or Google Home, you can link your account to your Albert Heijn account. This way you can call Appie via the voice assistant. Appie can help you with a number of things, such as what's in the bonus this week, what kinds of dishes you can make with chicken and eggplant, for example, adding an item to your shopping list or even groceries. But how exactly does Appie work with the Google Assistant?

Activating the app is child's play. All you have to do is say the command 'Hey Google, talk to Appie'. Then you can ask what's on offer. You can also immediately request recipes, after which the Google Assistant does its best by telling you about the ingredients and the necessary steps. If you speak to Appie via your mobile phone or smart display, you will also see buttons at the bottom of the conversation that can help you immediately with the next question or step. If you do this via a speaker, such as a Sonos One or Google Home, you have to pronounce everything as clearly as possible.

Link app to Google Assistant

When you link your Albert Heijn account to the Google Assistant, you get access to extra options. This way you can keep up with shopping lists and view your personal bonus. You can link your Google and Albert Heijn accounts by asking what your personal bonus is. Appie then asks whether it is okay for the accounts to be linked. If you want this, say yes (or tap yes) and otherwise choose no. If you have given permission, an (in-app) browser will open. Here you can log in with your Albert Heijn details (email address and password). You can also create a profile right here, if you don't already have one. Did it work? Great, then you now have to give permission, so that Google Assistant can see and adjust your shopping list, view your profile and view your purchase history. Once you've done this, Appie can answer personal questions.

For example, you can now tell Appie to add something to your shopping list. First you say 'Hey Google, talk to Appie'. When Appie then reports, you can immediately add your message: 'Add oat milk to the list'. If you have placed an order online, it is also possible to ask what time the delivery person will be at your doorstep.

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