- Lego without physical bricks

Building large Lego projects is quite an expensive affair, because the colored blocks are quite pricey. If you want to go all out with a striking construction, you can try the freeware Choose from thousands of cube types and create your dream Lego project in 3D!



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Windows 7/8/10; macOS

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  • Pros
  • Order real lego
  • User friendly
  • Realistic rendering
  • Negatives
  • learning curve

When installing, the Windows Defender SmartScreen filter sounds an alarm. Fortunately, reputable virus scanners see no threat in the program, so you can continue the installation without any worries. Once you launch the freeware, you will open a fresh project window. Experienced builders can alternatively import an lxf, ldr or mpd file and get started with an existing design. To help new users get started, contains a practical guide. With this you learn, among other things, zoom in and out, rotate and build a snail. The instructions are clear, although the official language is English.

Build it yourself

The best thing, of course, is to work independently. A virtual base plate with 144 studs is available as standard for this. If you want more space, choose a larger base plate in the settings. The lower panel contains a very extensive catalog with countless blocks, animals, vehicles, figures, plants, doors, lights and other objects. You can also find parts of technical Lego here. When you want to use something, you simply drag a block or object to the base plate. This works very smoothly, although it does take some practice to 'press' all the elements into the intended position. Use the color palette in the right-hand panel to give each block the desired color.

Real lego?

When you're done building, ask via the button Model info interesting information about the lego project. This way you can see what the parts cost if you were to physically purchase everything and you study the exact dimensions. It is useful that you immediately place these parts on a wish list, after which you can actually order everything. This does require a BrickLink account. You will be automatically linked to the right stores and, if necessary, place an order immediately. Especially with advanced construction projects, you usually have to reserve the parts at different addresses.

Conclusion is an excellent program for Lego fanatics, where nothing stands in the way of designing beautiful creations. Thanks to the instructions, users can use it immediately. A good addition is that you can order all necessary parts directly if you wish, so that you can also get started with Lego in real life.

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