Create a Notepad clone on your Mac

Windows has known the old Notepad for years. A simple blazing fast text editor. Something similar is also present in macOS, but for use as a pure text editor you actually have to adjust it.

A digital notepad regularly comes in handy. Just to make a quick note. But also, for example, to strip formatted text from a web page of all formatting via a paste and copy action in an editor intended for pure plain text. In Windows this works by, for example, selecting and copying a piece of text on a page. Then paste the text into Notepad. Select the text again (but this time the pasted version in Notepad) and copy it. The text can then be pasted into any text-supporting program without any formatting. Handy if you want to paste something in your blog editor for example. macOS also has a simple editor, but this is set by default as RTF or Rich Text Format editor. In other words: all formatting attributes are then preserved and that is something you do not want in this case. To make a kind of clone - in terms of functionality - of the Windows Notepad, first start the TextEdit (which can be found in the Finder under Programs, among others).

Change Default Mode

Click in the menu bar below text editor on Preferences. Switch under Structure the checkbox for Flat text in. Close the settings window and the TextEdit will now work just like the Notepad. Place the tool in the Dock and you can quickly create an empty text document via the right mouse button (or Control-click) on this shortcut. Incidentally, only if TextEdit is already open, recognizable by the black dot under the icon. Otherwise you first have to 'just' click on the tool and then click on New Document in the corresponding window. Anyway, from now on you can quickly remove formatted and copied (web) texts in exactly the same way as described above.

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