Control your home and digital life with the Google Nest Hub

A device that makes your life easier sounds too good to be true, but is really the reality today. The Google Nest Hub helps you with household chores, keeps you informed of important information and also provides entertainment.

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Google Nest smart speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the Nest Hub is the most comprehensive of the bunch. In addition to a clear speaker, this digital assistant also has a 7-inch touchscreen so that the necessary information can also be displayed visually. The possibilities are endless, from very simple tasks to elaborate routines.

Talking to a device may sound like a superfluous luxury, but in many cases it can be extremely useful. For example, do you follow a recipe from YouTube while cooking, but you don't want to sit at the screen with your dirty fingers to pause the video? Then simply use your voice to ask the Nest Hub to do it for you. Even if you want to convert quantities in English units such as cups and ounces to grams and liters, you can just ask your smart speaker. “Hey Google, how many grams is two pounds?” is much more hygienic when cutting chicken than using the touchscreen of your tablet or phone.

Control entertainment

The smart speaker can of course play music and radio itself, but it can also control other connected devices. Do you prefer to listen to your favorite playlist through your home cinema set? Then tell the Nest Hub to play your playlist on it.

Videos from Netflix, YouTube and many other providers can be played directly on your television using a Google Chromecast. You can even connect lamps, doorbells, locks, vacuum cleaners and many other devices to the Nest Hub's network. This way you create a house that can be fully controlled without moving a finger.

Daily tasks

The Nest Hub can also take care of small tasks that you sometimes forget or don't want to get up for every time. You go to bed earlier, then you say to the smart speaker "Hey Google, set the temperature to eco mode'. This way, the heating is not turned on unnecessarily and you save energy.

You also never have to get out of bed to turn off the lamp, because “Hey Google, turn off the lights” is enough with the Nest Hub. During the morning routine, the assistant can inform you about the weather forecast and traffic jams to work, so that you don't have to look them up yourself. Or have the Nest Hub display and read your calendar so that you know exactly what you have to do that day.


With such extensive functionality, you naturally want the assistant to be able to understand you everywhere, but of course you don't need the large Nest Hub in all rooms. Therefore, combine the Nest Hub with the cheaper Nest Mini. This small smart speaker has the same commands, but has no screen and can therefore be tucked away in the corner of the room. In this way you can also create a real multi-room experience so that you can play the same music synchronously on multiple speakers and in different rooms.

picture frame

Of course, Google also understands that you won't be using the Nest Hub's display all day, but even at such times, the smart speaker can still be functional. For example, the screen can function as a digital photo frame for a cozy atmosphere at home. Use a selection of your own photos from Google Photos, or display beautiful paintings from an art gallery.

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