How to remove the dual boot menu

If you have multiple operating systems on your computer when you're actually only using one, you might as well remove the dual boot menu. Here we show you how to do this.

If you weren't sure at first whether Windows 10 would be a good choice, you may have chosen to leave an older version of Windows on a separate partition just to be on the safe side. That way you can still access your old Windows installation with all your old applications and files by selecting the desired version of Windows in the dual boot menu. Also read: How to disable personalized ads in Microsoft apps.

Remove dual boot menu

But if after some time you only use Windows 10, it is annoying to have to choose the desired operating system from the dual boot menu every time you start your computer. Maybe you'd rather just leave the old version of Windows, but not have to go through the dual boot menu every time. Fortunately, you can.

Operating System List

Right click on the start button and choose System. In the left pane of the window that pops up, click Advanced System Settings. Click on the tab Advanced below Startup and Recovery Settings on the button Institutions.

Choose the operating system you want to boot with by default, and uncheck List of operating systems ... show seconds. The dual boot menu will no longer be displayed, but the partition with your older Windows version will still be intact.

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