Yawcam: Tiny free webcam program

Yawcam is short for Yet Another Webcam Software (yet another webcam program). And that's exactly what the developer wants to convey. Yawcam is a tiny, simple webcam program written in Java. You do not have to expect a nice interface or fuss. It is a simple program that does its job well.

While simplicity is Yawcam's strength, it's not lacking in features. A video stream or snapshot can be easily shared via the built-in web server. You only need to connect a port on the router to the computer and the whole world can watch with your webcam. If this is not what you want, the webcam can easily be secured by only allowing access to users with passwords.

In the settings you can see that Yawcam has more to offer than you initially expect.

In addition to streaming, it is also possible to share to an FTP server and photos can be saved as a file. For those who want to use the webcam as a security camera, there is the motion detector (Motion). As soon as motion is detected, a sound can be played, a file can be started or images can be created which are then saved or sent via an ftp connection or by e-mail.


Yawcam's interface is nothing more than a small window with five on/off buttons and a tab with the command lines. All settings can be found in the menu Settings / Settingsmodify. Here the language can be changed to Dutch and the location can be changed for the storage of images. To change the language you need a language file that you can place in the installation folder \long copies. The language file can be found on the Yawcam website.

The interface is very simple with only five buttons.

User accounts can also be added in the settings if you want to shield the webcam. The ability to schedule when the camera turns on is also there. In addition, even more options can be found in the menus, such as blocking visitors and merging multiple images into a video.


Yawcam is a tiny webcam program, it's simple, but it has a lot of features. If you don't demand graphical feats, Yawcam is an ideal tool to broadcast online or use as software to use your webcam as a security camera.

Yawcam 0.4.0

Language English, Dutch (via language file)

OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8


Password protection possible

Built-in web server

Very easy to configure


Translation incomplete

SCORE 8/10

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