Using a USB stick with your iPad

When you ask Apple if you can use a USB stick with your iPad, the answer is "no". Yet that is not entirely true, although the way in which you can use a USB stick is limited. You (obviously) need a USB stick and a Camera Connection Kit.

Choosing the right USB stick

It's not that you can just buy a USB stick and expect it to work with your iPad. Different types of USB sticks require a different amount of power, which means that one stick will work and the other will not respond.

It is not known what the maximum amount of power a USB stick can demand, so that is a matter of trial and error. Also make sure it is as normal a stick as possible. In other words, you won't be able to use that old U3 stick that you still have in the drawer.

You must have the correct USB stick. An old U3 stick probably won't work.

Formatting and Formatting

Then you need to format the stick. Since the iPad is an Apple product, you would think that you should format in the format that Apple also uses for OS X. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, you should even format in FAT32 format, indeed, which has been used for years. Windows was used.

When you have formatted, you still need to create the correct folder structure, so that your iPad recognizes the stick as a removable medium. Fortunately that is quite simple, you create a folder that you give the name DCIM. You then copy the photos and (compatible) videos that you want to place on your iPad. Now connect your USB stick to your iPad via a Camera Connection Kit, and the iPad will recognize the stick (if compatible). The Photos app will open and you can copy the photos and videos you've put on the stick to your iPad.

You need a CCK for it, but then you can import the photos and videos from your stick.

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