These are the 7 best Android browsers

By default, every Android phone is equipped with Chrome. That's fine for most people, but there are many more browsers for Android in the Play Store - which often offer just a little more options and are therefore definitely worth trying. We list the best Android browsers for you.

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Okay, first a word about Chrome itself. After all, the browser is standard on Android and if you link a Gmail account to it, Chrome offers some useful advantages. Especially if you are also logged in to the PC version of the browser. Bookmarks, history and passwords are then automatically shared between the devices. Just like on the desktop, you can have multiple tabs open, and an incognito mode (where no browsing history is saved) is also present in the mobile version. Unsurprisingly, Chrome doesn't offer an adblocker by default, unlike most other browsers you'll see in this article. After all, Google lives off ads!


Yep, Chrome's biggest competitor can simply be installed on Google's operating system. Are you an avid Firefox user on your PC? Then this Android browser is the most obvious choice for you. You can sync your Firefox settings on your desktop with Firefox on your mobile. So you always have your passwords, history, bookmarks and even open tabs at hand. Other useful features include an incognito mode and the ability to install add-ons, including ad blockers.

Download Firefox for Android


The Brave browser was one of the first mobile browsers to have a built-in ad blocker at the time of its launch. Now that is not so special anymore, but it is still nice to have. Brave also uses HTTPS Everywhere to encrypt websites with insecure connections. Over time, the idea is that your favorite websites should be able to pay for their services - assuming that you are taking advertising revenue away from them. Interesting detail: the maker of Brave is the co-founder of Mozilla, or the company behind Firefox. Now he is competing with the company that he himself put on the map.

Download Brave for Android


You may already know Ghostery as an extension for desktop browsers, which ensures that trackers are blocked. This prevents advertisers from following you all over the web. That trick is also the basis of the Ghostery browser for Android. This makes it clear which trackers are trying to follow you, and you can easily decide which ones you allow - and especially which ones you don't. Like many competitors, the browser offers an incognito mode, here called Ghost Mode. Searches and history are deleted immediately after you close such a Ghost tab.

Download Ghostery for Android

Opera Mini

In addition to Firefox, Opera is also a well-known name that is active on Android. Whether you choose Opera itself or Opera Mini, in both cases you install browsers that are completely focused on using as little data as possible. And that is of course only a nice bonus on your mobile phone. Ads are blocked by default, but videos and images are also compressed. That way you are less likely to reach your data limit. Within the apps you can also see exactly how much data you have consumed. Useful!

Download Opera Mini for Android

Orfox: Tor Browser for Android

Orfox is the mobile version of the Tor browser. Your connection is completely anonymized, which is at the expense of your speed. The browser is aimed at anyone who wants to stay under the radar. It will therefore not surprise you that the default search engine is DuckDuckGo instead of Google. NoScript and HHTPS Everywhere are also part of it, both add-ons make it more difficult to discover your identity. For the average user, the other alternatives - possibly in combination with addons - are good enough. If you still want that bit of extra anonymity, you will end up with Orfox.

Download Orfox for Android

UC Browser

The UC Browser comes from the Alibaba Group, a name you probably know from the Chinese webshop phenomenon. This app is also touted as an extra fast browser, because websites and the media are compressed on it. In practice, you don't really notice that loss of quality, certainly not on a smartphone screen. Other interesting features include an ad blocker and the ability to delete your history immediately as soon as you close the browser. Unfortunately, the homepage of the browser does show advertising under the heading What's Hot. You can disable this under the option Manage Cards.

Download UC Browser for Android

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