Here's how to do it: Restore Windows 8

We once did a clean install from floppy disks, CDs, and later DVDs. Sometimes we were rewarded with a clean operating system only after hours of waiting. In Windows 8 it is much simpler. The operating system can simply be reset to factory settings.

Clean up first

Microsoft's OS Windows 8 can maintain itself quite nicely, yet the system can eventually become slow due to pollution. Then try the usual maintenance programs first. Start To carry out (Windows key+R) and type appwiz.cpl. Press Enter and remove the programs you don't use.

Delete temporary files by in the window To carry out the assignment cleanmgr.exe to give. Also try disabling some programs that load at startup via task management. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and open the tab Startup. Select a program and press Switch off.

Windows has a number of useful maintenance programs.

Refresh your PC

If the first step doesn't solve the problem, Microsoft offers recovery in two flavors. The first is to refresh the PC. This will remove the desktop programs, but keep documents and apps installed. Open it charmsmenu and click Settings / Change PC settings.

Open the option Update and Restore and go to System recovery. Choose under Refresh your PC without affecting files in front of To work and Next one. If necessary, insert the installation disc and click Refresh. After the recovery, you will find a document on the desktop with the list of uninstalled programs.

After refreshing the PC, a document containing all uninstalled programs will be saved.


The last option is factory reset the PC. Here all data will be erased and the PC will be completely returned to its initial state. Go to Change PC settings, Open Update and Restore and go to System recovery. Choose under Remove everything and reinstall Windows in front of To work. If necessary, insert the installation disc and continue.

You get two choices. In both cases, all files will be erased, only with the option Just delete my files (a type of quick format) it is possible to recover files through special recovery software such as Recuva. Make a choice and click Reset.

Choose the option Clean the drive completely, if you do not want others to be able to retrieve your data.

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