How Voting Buttons Work in Outlook

Do you expect a simple answer from a number of people, such as yes/no or choice a, b or c? Then use Outlook's voting option. This allows the recipient to answer the email very quickly and you will have a clear answer in no time.

You use voting buttons to present a few options to friends or colleagues without too much hassle. You send a question to a number of people and Outlook collects the responses in an overview. Beforehand: voting buttons only work in Outlook. When you send such an email with voting buttons to someone who works with another mail program, that person will not see any voting buttons. To compose an email with voting buttons, navigate to the tab in a new email Options. In the box Tracking do you find the button Using voting buttons.

By default, you already have a number of voting buttons at your disposal: Approved-Rejected, Yes-No, Yes-No-Maybe, but you can adjust these options yourself via the button Amended. For example, let your respondents choose from names of people or cities. In the Custom dialog box, fill in the options, separated by a semicolon. Here you can also indicate whether you want to receive a notification when the message has been delivered and when the message has been read. It is even possible to forward the answers to a number of other people.

The recipient will be notified that the message contains voting buttons, labeled Click here to vote. If he clicks on one of the options, he has the choice: send the message immediately, or edit the reply before sending. You, the sender, will receive an email with the answer already in the subject. In principle, you do not even have to open the email yourself. Click on the text The sender responded as follows, so that you get the Voice Answers can request. You will then receive a list with the recipients in which you can immediately see who has answered and who has not, what the answers are and you can read the totals of the vote.

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