Play flac in Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player supports mp3, wma and many other music formats. Music in flac files, widely represented on usenet and very popular because of the high quality, are not supported by default.

Many people convert flacs to mp3 to play them, but thanks to madFlac that is no longer necessary. MadFlac allows you to play music in flac format directly with Windows Media Player. Download madFlac from as a zip archive. At the time of writing, this file was called Extract the contents and right click on install.bat and choose Open (or Run as Administrator). Now open a folder containing any flac file. Right click on the file and choose Open with / Select default program . Click Windows Media Player and check the Always open this type of file with this program . From now on, Windows Media Player will play your flac files if you double click on a flac file.

Thanks to madFlac, you can now play flac files with Windows Media Player.

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