Design your own e-cards with Smilebox

Don't want to send pre-chewed e-cards for the holidays? Do you prefer personalized cards? Thanks to the freeware Smilebox you can design your own e-cards very easily. You use a template as a basis and can then add your own photos, videos and texts. We explain to you how to proceed.

Install Smile Box

Open your browser and surf to Smilebox. Press the button get started to download the installation file. Save the file and then run it. Click on the I Agreebutton when you agree to the license agreement and a few moments later Smilebox will open. You still need to create a free Smilebox account. Simply enter your name and email address and choose a password. Finch Sign up for the newsletter if you do not wish to receive newsletters. click on Continue to proceed to.

You can download the installation file via the large Get started button.

Choose card

In the home screen, you can Design Catalog choose a theme for your card. Since we would like to design a Christmas card, we open the category Holidays. The number of available cards in this sequence is loaded. One click on a card gives you some extra information about the template, such as the number of personal photos you can add. There are different card types: Greetings are often static default cards, while in slideshows many more photos. Of invites you can then design invitations again. Choose one of the dozens of different templates, for example 7. Holiday Ribbon - Greeting. Then click on the button personalize to enter your own photos and texts.

We chose this greeting card that offers space for one to three photos of your own.


To use your own photos in your card, you can click the button at the bottom left Get Photos click. Navigate to the correct file location and click the Addbutton to add photos. These appear as thumbnails in the left column. You can add as many photos to Smilebox as you wish. click on Done when you are done. Back in the main window, drag and drop your added photos onto your card. You can zoom in a bit using the slider, and via fix you can make automatic enhancements, convert your photo to black and white or remove red-eye. You can of course also completely customize the text by placing your cursor in the text box and entering your own message.

In the right column of the main screen you can choose a music if desired. Click on the play-knob for a taste and then tick the number of your choice. Would you like to change the design of the card? Through Choose your layout you can indicate how many photos you want to use in this card. You can also easily adjust the background. Just browse through the different options in the menu Choose your background. Finally, you can also select a font and a frame color. Click on the button at the top Save when you're done personalizing and name your design. Then proceed to tab 3 Preview for a full screen preview.

You can adapt almost everything to your own wishes.

Send Christmas wishes by e-mail

Are you satisfied with your design? Then it's time to share your card with friends and relatives. Click through to tab 4 Share, Print or DVD. You will see the various export options. click on send to send your creation by email. Then add to Enter the email addresses of the recipients, separated by a comma. Bee Choose when to send you can choose when you want to send the Christmas card. You can now to send the card immediately, but you can also postpone the sending by entering a specific date. Quickly enter a subject Subject, for example 'Best wishes!' and a personal message in the Messagetext box. If you want to provide a lot of people with wishes, you can import your address book from Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL or Outlook via the button Import Addresses. click on Continue to continue and tick Basic design to be able to send your card for free. click on send to send the card.

The recipients will receive the card with a preview in their mailbox a few seconds later. At the touch of playbutton opens the browser and plays the map with animations and music. You will receive a confirmation yourself when the card has been sent successfully.

You can quickly enter a personal message.


None of the approximately 40 virus scanners saw anything suspicious in the installation file. To the best of our knowledge at the time of publication, the installation file is safe to download. See the full detection report for more details. If a new version of the software is now available, you can always rescan the file yourself via

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