5 alarm clock apps to drum you out of bed

If you don't automatically wake up in the morning to the soft sunlight that falls over your face, the sound of the birds chirping or the snoring of your partner next to you, then it's time to set a loud alarm clock. Of course, most smartphones come with a standard alarm clock function, but these five alarm clock apps offer that little bit extra to get you out of bed.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

Fortunately, Alarm Clock Xtreme is not a ship's horn that blows in your ear at half past six in the morning. This is of course possible if you like it. In the app itself, you can choose multiple alarm sounds ranging from the music on your phone, a ringtone or online radio.

You can give your alarm clock a name if you want to wish yourself a good morning or if you need to be reminded of something. You can also set various options for the snooze function. From shaking your phone, simply pressing a button or even doing small math problems. If you have calculated the calculation satisfactorily, your alarm clock will grant you an extra ten minutes of sleep. In addition, this app can also track your sleep rhythm. To do this, you put your phone in your bed and in the morning it tells you how restful or restless you slept.



This app also does all kinds of tricks and tricks to get you out of bed as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition to making a calculation, this app lets you take photos before the alarm can be turned off. You can easily set these photos yourself. Choose an object that is far from your bed so that you have to get up to turn off your alarm.

Alarmy is also visually appealing with the option to set different color themes. The app keeps a daily record of when you got up and which option you chose to turn off your alarm. This way you have easy insight into your daily morning rhythm!

iOS / Android

Good Morning

Good Morning has a simple and clear interface. The clock is the most important thing about this app, but you also immediately see a weather forecast at the top if you give the app permission to see your location. In addition, this app also has the ability to keep track of your sleep rhythm.

The nice thing about Good morning is that it not only helps you get up, but also helps you fall asleep. Right from the home screen, you can choose to play the soothing sound of a fire crackling. After half an hour of dozing, this noise stops.

iOS / Android

Early Bird Alert

Early Bird Alarm has a simplistic design but attractive and clear to look at. At the top you can choose to add your agenda to the app, set an alarm or use a timer and stopwatch. When starting the app, you are immediately asked for your color preference, so that the app immediately matches your wishes.

Hilarious are the ringtones you can choose to wake up to. From a military trumpet, an apocalyptic air raid siren to a clucking rooster. If all this doesn't sound appealing then you can just choose to set one of the available ringtones or songs from your phone. It is also a function that your phone briefly mentions the time. These settings can all be found under setting the alarm clock.


forest alarm clock

With Bos-alarm you imagine yourself in the rainforest. This nature-inspired alarm clock shows beautiful nature photos in the background that change daily. You will be awakened with the lure of exotic birds. The danger of this, of course, is that you will soon only dream of Magic Tarzan.

Furthermore, this is a very straightforward alarm clock app, simply intended to whistle you out of bed in the morning.


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