How to make perfect screen videos in Windows 10

Windows 10 surprises us with a perk of capturing screen videos without having to install some third-party tool. You use a function that was originally intended for gaming. Anyway, making instructional videos has never been so easy.

Step 1: Xbox App

In Windows 10 it is possible to film the progress of games, but nothing prevents you from using this option to film everything that happens on the screen. The function is in the renewed Xbox app of Windows 10. That app bundles relevant information for the gamer, such as his ranking and notifications from his gaming buddies. In addition, the module supports Game DVR, say a digital video recorder. Also read: Periscope: How to broadcast live videos from your smartphone.

Make sure you're signed in to the Xbox app beforehand: type Xbox in the start menu, open the app and sign in with your Microsoft account. Then start the program in which you want to make the recording. With the combination Windows key+G open the game bar. Sometimes you get the question whether it is really a game. Here you can safely confirm that you want to see game bar.


Game DVR does have some limitations. For example, you cannot use this tool to make Skype video recordings or to capture fragments of Netflix movies, for example.

Step 2: Game bar

Click the red button in the game bar, or press Windows key+Alt+R to start recording. A counter starts to run. When you're done, press again Windows key+Alt+R and click Stop. All recordings end up in the folder Videos / Recordings where you can edit, view or share them with others. The videos are saved in the MP4 format. Xbox will remember the Game bar settings the next time you open the app. When you click on the gear on the game bar, you get to the settings. Here you can, for example, set the maximum length of a recording. It's also where you can tell the Xbox app to record everything in the background.

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