How do you send Facebook messages without the app?

Facebook has a knack for forcing us to do certain things. For example, the company decided some time ago that sending messages via the Facebook app is no longer possible, and that you have to install the special Messenger App. Obviously, but what if you don't want to? Will you be deprived of Facebook messages on your smartphone? Luckily not!

It is indeed no longer possible to read and send messages via the Facebook app. If you do it via your mobile browser, you can do it with a little trick. Keep in mind that this way you don't have access to the extensive possibilities of Messenger, which is why Facebook wants everyone to use the same app. Also read: 6 tips to get more out of Facebook Messenger.

Sending messages without Messenger

To send a message on your smartphone without Facebook Messenger, you do not use the Facebook app, but your browser, such as Safari. Surf to and log in to your account. The site you see is not exactly beautiful, but that does not matter for sending messages.

Tap the speech bubble icon at the top to open messages. You will now receive a warning that someone has invited you to Messenger (that is, that you should start using Messenger from now on).

Press Cancel and you will just be taken to the old interface of messages. You can now read and reply to messages without any problems. And extra good news, even adding a photo is still possible this way.

More extensive functions such as animated GIFSs unfortunately not, you will really have to use the Messenger app for that.


Extra tip: If you have an Android device, you may be taken directly to the Google Play Store when you open the messages. Ignore that and then open the browser again, pressing the cross in the popup. You can then simply access your messages again.

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