Helpdesk: RUNDLL Error

Question from a reader: While booting my PC I get the following message: “RUNDLL There was an error loading: C:\Progra~1\mywebs~1\bar\1.bin\m3plugin.dll. Cannot find specified module." I work with Windows XP Pro and SP3. I can click away this screen and use my computer, but I would still like to know what consequences this may have.

Our answer: You probably installed a program that was not completely removed. Make sure the file is no longer loaded. Choose Start / Run. type msconfig and click OK. On the Startup tab, find the entry. Uncheck this startup item and exit MSConfig. Restart Windows XP. The item is no longer loaded. To be safe, check for viruses and spyware and run a thorough scan to make sure your computer stays clean.

MSConfig allows you to disable startup items.

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