Does Google Chrome not work on your smartphone? Try this

Although Google Chrome is a fine browser, unfortunately it is not an application without flaws. It can sometimes happen that the browser freezes, does not work properly or is very slow. We help you move forward with these tips.

Several things affect the performance of Google Chrome on Android and iOS. Below we have collected suggestions that you can try if you notice that the app is not running well. Before you start, however, make sure you have the most recent version of Google Chrome on your smartphone. You can check whether a new version is available in Google Play and the App Store.

Wifi or mobile internet?

However, before you do anything, you can check if the problem is with your Wi-Fi. Are you at home and the websites won't load? Then switch off your WiFi to check whether everything works properly when you use your internet subscription. If the problems still occur, then you know for sure that it has something to do with the app.

Restart Google Chrome

Very often it helps if you close the app completely and just restart it once. If this does not help, you can consider turning your smartphone off and on for a while.

Close tabs and apps

First of all, you can close all tabs and other apps on your smartphone. This way you can be sure that nothing is left running in the background that might affect performance. Sometimes a website or app demands more from your phone, so this often already solves the problem.

Clear cache

Sometimes it also helps to clear the cache (this is the temporary memory of your smartphone). You can arrange this via the Settings of Google Chrome (under Privacy / Browser Data). Usually you notice that you have to empty this memory if websites do not load or when you see a blank screen when you open the app.

Lookup Error Code

Sometimes, but not always, you will get an error code from Google Chrome. That's great, because hopefully we can quickly find out what the problem is. Because the browser doesn't work well on your smartphone, it might be better to copy the code into the browser on your computer or another smartphone. Also, you can always enlist the help of people on the Chrome forum or else you can contact Google customer service.

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