Getting started with the Windows Notepad

The Windows Notepad is one of those extremely handy little tools that always come in handy. We have listed a few tips for you!

The Windows Notepad is a very simple utility. However, it does offer various setting options. When you first use Notepad to type or paste text, you may unexpectedly see only one very long sentence. Not handy, because scrolling through the entire text horizontally is also quite something. You can find Notepad in the Start menu under accessories. In order to realize a normal readable text that adapts to the Kladbklok window, click in the window of this program in the menu layout on Automatic return. That reads a lot nicer! The default font that Notepad uses is, as far as we're concerned, perfectly legible. But it is no problem to adjust this font to taste, or change the size of the default type. Click in the menu layout on Font style. In the newly opened window you can now resize the default font. This can come in handy on a screen with a very high resolution.


If you want to change the font, it is important to choose a 'mono spaced' copy. In other words: a font in which the distance between the letters is exactly the same. A popular font like Arial, for example, is not mono spaced, which means that for example an 'i' takes up less space than a 'w'. That looks very nice, but many text files are aligned with spaces and tabs. That trick only works with mono spaced fonts, in other cases the alignment is no longer correct! So check carefully whether your intended font is the right one. The other fonts also work, but give formatting problems if you open a standard readme file or something similar.

Strip text from formatting

One of the things Notepad comes in handy for is stripping formatting. You know that: if you have copied a text fragment from a website and you paste it into a word processing program, the web layout appears to be preserved. And it just doesn't fit in your document. Notepad works great as an intermediate station to get plain text. In other words: select and copy the web text and paste it in the Notepad. Then select and copy the text in Notepad and paste it into your word processor, for example, where the unformatted text is already inserted. One last tip: to quickly insert time and date in a Notepad text, press F5. Will come in handy sometime.

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