This is the new WhatsApp update

WhatsApp is working on some new features, which will be released soon as an update to the popular app. Companies can already get started with the new functionalities in a beta version. What can you expect from the next update?

According to WABetaInfo, we can expect a feature soon that will allow you to exchange numbers more easily. By means of a QR code you can easily add new contacts or share your own contact details with others. Such a function can also be found in many other apps, including Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and recently Spotify. You can now scan a personal code in the streaming app to start a group session.

Encrypted backups

With the new update of Whatsapp, it should also be possible to make encrypted backups of your data. This concerns chat data, but also media that you have sent or received via the messaging app. At this point, while your chats are protected via end-to-end encryption, they are not saved as such once you back them up. So you can't save your messages very safely at the moment.

The so-called Password Protect Backups function should put an end to that and you can make encrypted backups in no time and store them safely in iCloud. You can then create a password, with which all your future backups are safe from now on. You will also need that password when you restore a backup. It is currently unclear whether this involves full end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp seems to mainly want to appeal to companies with the new update. A beta version of WhatsApp Business can already be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play store, in which (some) new functions can already be seen. Before you download the app, it is also wise to make a backup first, because the beta version of the app will of course not be as stable as the final version.

Here you will find the QR code

If you use the beta version of the app, you can go to the settings of WhatsApp. There you will see the QR code next to your profile picture and name. If you click on it, you will get two tabs: on the first you see your own QR code and on the second it is possible to scan someone else's QR code.

The beta version of the latest version of WhatsApp can therefore already be downloaded. It is currently unknown when we can expect the official update.

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