Stremio - Better than Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time's power seems to be slowly crumbling after threatening actions from copyright organizations and film companies. Nevertheless, the well-known successor of this popular streaming service is already ready: Stremio. How good is this alternative?



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Windows 7/8/10; Mac OS; Linux


7 Score 70
  • Pros
  • Many search options
  • Extensive catalog
  • Negatives
  • Install Plugin
  • Crashes sometimes

Now that (the use of) Popcorn Time is under increasing pressure, Stremio can count on increasing attention. Yet this streaming service is by no means a newcomer, because the program dates back to 2012. Just like the well-known competitor, you install Stremio on the PC. The makers make versions available for Windows, OS X and Linux. The program asks you to log in with an account, although it is also possible to use a guest account. Very nice for those who prefer to remain anonymous. Also read: You can legally stream movies without Popcorn Time.

Search options

Stremio has a slick user environment with a pleasant color scheme. The catalog is filled with images of films and series. Once you click on a case, a short description will appear in the right pane. The good thing is that the program offers all kinds of possibilities to find nice titles. For example, there are many genres available and you can search for the name of an actor, among other things. You can also sort the catalog in different ways and the program offers personal recommendations. Stremio's catalog matches that of Popcorn Time. Both new and old titles are widely available. Also striking is the presence of a lot of international television channels.


Once you want to play a movie, Stremio (strangely enough?) also shows some parties that offer the title for a fee. You also need to install a plug-in that allows you to stream the images from the bittorrent network. A somewhat strange approach, because why does Stremio not build in this functionality as standard? Who knows, there may be legal reasons for this, because streaming most torrents is illegal after all. The image quality is fine, by the way, where you can easily activate Dutch subtitles. Streaming to a television is also possible, as Stremio supports the use of Google Chromecast.


Lovers of movies and series will undoubtedly enjoy this streaming service. Pretty much all known titles are on it. A disadvantage is that the program sometimes closes suddenly for inexplicable reasons. As soon as the makers solve this shortcoming, Stremio will certainly not be inferior to Popcorn Time.

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