Windows 10 October 2020 Update: Here are the changes

In November or October we can expect the new Autumn update of Windows 10. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that there are few major changes. The bad news is that few new features are coming to the operating system. This is what you can expect from the update.

An important change is one we've written about before: the disappearance of the Control Panel. This classic window has to make way for a new iteration so that Microsoft can make sure that users don't have to constantly work around two environments. All the information you previously found in the Control Panel is now in the Settings application. The classic configuration screen will still be available through a detour; at least until all options are transferred to Settings.

In addition, Microsoft Edge is rolled out to everyone by default, whether you like it or not. Windows Update will install the browser automatically. Furthermore, the Your Phone app is being rolled out to more people, so that you can also use your Android smartphone within the Windows environment. This function is currently only available for people with a Samsung smartphone.

More features for Fall Update Windows 10

The start menu is also being overhauled. The icons will soon fit better with the chosen theme of Windows 10. The accent colors will then fit together much better. If you don't like that, you can still adjust the colors yourself in the personalization options.

A small change is the fact that the Alt + Tab key combination also shows tabs from the Microsoft Edge browser by default. So if you have many tabs open in that browser, you can quickly switch between web pages with the well-known combination. Within the system settings under Multitasking you can change this behavior and thereby remove the Edge browser from Alt + Tab.

You can also count on Focus Assist – with which you turn off notifications when you game or have an app open in full screen – really blocks all notifications. So you will no longer be disturbed at all when you activate the concentration aid. And do you ever use tablet mode on Windows 10? Then the system is now standard equipped with the behavior that automatically switches to tablet mode when the system recognizes this.

Smaller changes Windows 10

Then we have some smaller changes.

• Notifications also get an app icon next to the message, so you can find out more quickly which app is responsible for which message;

• The taskbar gets icons by default when you use certain functions; for example, there will be an Xbox icon when you link your Xbox Live account or a Your Phone icon when you link your phone (you can also change this completely yourself if you want);

• Improvements for Modern Device Management; administrators can access new functions via Local Users and Groups, so that settings can be aligned.

An exact release date of the Fall Update for Windows 10 has not yet been announced.

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