In 3 steps: Become a spell checker in another language

Are you convinced that you have written a sentence correctly, but there is only a red border under it in Word? Then it is possible that the spell check is in the wrong language. Follow these three steps to set your spell checker in the correct language.

1. Select language

1. Select the text you want to check.

2. Go to the tab Check and choose Language ->Set control language.

3. Select the desired language for the spell check.

If the spell check character is in front of the language (the blue check mark with ABC), it means that the proofing tools, such as the spell checker, are installed for that language. If not visible, spell check cannot be performed in that language.

Choose the desired language.

2. Add additional dictionary languages

If the proofing tools are not installed for the desired language, you can purchase a language pack. This way you can still use the spell checker in the chosen language. Check out the language packs for Office 2013 and Office 2010.

The spell check mark is visible here.

3. Check spelling

1. Select the text you want to check. If you want to check the entire document, you don't have to select anything.

2. Go to the tab Check and click Spelling and Grammar Checker.

3. The spell check is performed.

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