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The more difficult Google makes it to download videos from YouTube, the more tools appear to still pick streaming videos from the internet. Many video grabbers are short-lived, but aTube Catcher has more than proven itself in the meantime.


Downloading a movie and converting it to the desired format is lightning fast with aTube Catcher. And that works not only with YouTube but with practically all sites that share videos. Download aTube Catcher from After the installation is complete, you will arrive at the dashboard. You can already see from the large buttons that this software can do more than just download and convert videos. For example, converting saved videos, converting video to MP3, making screen videos, making videos larger or smaller and recording audio is also possible.

Download video

Downloading a video from YouTube is easy. Right click on the video on YouTube and choose Copy video url. Open aTube Catcher and select Download video. Paste the copied internet address of the video in the box Url and optionally select a custom output profile.

Under the link Settings you can adjust some settings. Of Turbo Download download is much faster, and you can also set it to save both the original and converted file.


As we wrote before: the program can do more! There are, among other things, two recorders present. With the Audio Recorder you can record spoken text. It is possible to place background noise from the speakers below the recording. The program can record any sound that is picked up by the sound card of the computer.

A second recording function is Screen Record, with which you can, for example, make an instructional video. You select an area on the screen or a window that you want to capture. If necessary, indicate that you also want to record sound so that you can explain things. With check marks you can determine some things, for example whether you want the mouse pointer to follow and whether you want the cursor in the picture. The built-in screen recorder captures everything you see on the screen, even video chat sessions, movies, webinars and online meetings.

You will find more tools for downloading videos from YouTube, also via your smartphone for example, in this article.

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