Track your partner or child anywhere with GPS tracking pro

A GPS tracking app can be very useful to track your child. There are several apps that allow you to track someone, including GPS Tracking Pro. We explain how the app works.

Download and install

GPS tracking pro is free to download for your android smartphone. You install the app and give yourself a name, with which you will be visible on the GPS map later in the app. You can now invite others, such as your child or a friend, to join the group account.

Everyone who participates is visible if they have their GPS on on their smartphone. You can create multiple groups, for example with friends you go on holiday with or with colleagues at work.

Always track children

Society feels little by little less safe. With GPS tracking pro you can therefore always and everywhere keep an eye on where your children are. You then install this free app on your children's smartphone or tablet and switch on the GPS. You invite them to join your group and accept the invitation.

After creating an account for your kids, you can always find them on the map shown in GPS tracking pro. They don't even need to know that you can do this as a parent, but as a parent it can be reassuring to see that your child has arrived home safely after school.

emergency call

The great thing about GPS tracking pro is that your kids can make an emergency call if something goes wrong. There is an emergency button in the app that sends a message to all affiliated members when a person presses it. If your child does not feel safe, he or she can press the button after which you as a parent will receive an emergency notification on your smartphone. You can then trace where your child is, call the police and quickly go to the relevant location yourself.

GPS Tracker Pro

If you are looking for a tracking app for your iPhone, you can try FollowMee GPS Location Tracker. Install the app on the device you want to track and log in to to see where the device is located. This app thus makes it possible to track family members, company phones or even employees.

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