The 6 best YouTube downloaders

In principle, it is not possible to download videos within YouTube. If you still want to download videos on your PC, you need additional software or a website that facilitates this. This is often accompanied by unwanted advertisements and annoying pop-ups. We list some YouTube downloaders that are nice to use.

Download from YouTube

Downloading from YouTube is very nice, to save videos locally or to save them on your smartphone or tablet to watch on the go (without an internet connection). YouTube's terms do not allow you to download videos from the streaming site. After all, Google misses out on advertising revenue in this way and some rightholders can start sulking at Google. Many YouTube downloaders are therefore forced offline. But there are still plenty of alternatives that do work.


The original Keepvid site has been taken offline by Google. Fortunately, the site relaunched under the domain Sometimes you have to paste the link in the search box a few times before it works, but once it works you can download your clip in .mp4 format.

YT Downloader Plus

YT Downloader Plus is a free software program in which you can easily paste your YouTube links and convert them to the desired file type. You can choose all possible file types for your video or download just the audio if you prefer.

Convenient in this program is that you can download and convert multiple links at the same time. Nice trick to this program: you can choose that the program closes itself when you have finished downloading.

WinX YouTube Downloader

WinX YouTube Downloader is also a free software program that you need to download before you can get started. With the tool you can not only download videos from YouTube, but also from Facebook or Vimeo, for example. Paste the URL of the video into the program, set the video quality and download the video. If a video is available in 4K, you can also download it in that quality.

Youtube to MP4

Youtube to MP4 does exactly what the name says it does: it converts your YouTube link into a downloadable MP4 file. Here you have nothing to choose from, no options in terms of file size or file type. If an MP4 file is just what you need, this site is a great solution. Furthermore, it is well-arranged and you do not have to be afraid of advertising or a thousand unclear download buttons.

YouTube to MP4 is the most simplistic downloader site of the bunch, but if that's what you like, this is the site for you.

4K Video Downloader

Also 4K Video Downloader is another downloadable free software program. However, this program does not only focus on YouTube but also on all kinds of other social media platforms on which videos can be posted. So do you want to email that one funny Facebook video to your elderly grandmother? Then you can with the 4K Video Downloader.

The program itself is simple, well-arranged and has a pleasantly light interface. Of course, such a program also needs little fuss, but you will not be thrown to death with advertising.

CC Clip Converter

CC Clip Converter has slightly fewer options than the online version of, for example, the Online Video Converter or the software program from YT Downloader Plus, but that does not make the site less suitable for picking your YouTube video from the net.

The nice thing about CC Clip Converter is that you can not only download videos with a link, you can also upload videos from your computer for conversion. You will then be redirected to the Cloud Convert site.

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