The 10 best smartphone games

Sometimes you just need to relax or you are looking for a way to kill some time. For example, while waiting for the train or in the waiting room for the dentist. Our smartphones are the holy grail of short and effortless entertainment. These are the best games for smartphones.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is an EA game. In this racing game you can expect realistic cars and settings. You can choose from different cars and different tracks. You control your race car by moving your phone left and right. On the screen itself you can make all kinds of choices to promote your position. You progress through the game as you complete more challenges. This also unlocks new options in the game. You can then purchase these options again with the prize money you have earned from racing. In the game you play against real players at different points in time. This does mean that the game has to download files regularly and you eventually have to log in with your Google Play profile to be able to play against others.



The first part of Oceanhorn's story is free to play. After that you have to buy the full game. However, it's worth it when you see how much time and thought has gone into Oceanhorn's design and story. Fans of the Zelda games will certainly appreciate this smartphone game. The machanics of the game are very simple and you can quickly master. You move your character by swiping your finger across the screen. Just like in Zelda, there are also plenty of vases with rewards hidden in them if you smash them. You throw vases and barrels by pressing the action button and swiping across the screen. By completing assignments you collect lives, coins and progress in the Oceanhorn story.



Hearthstone is a card game where you play against fictional opponents. You build your own deck with all kinds of monsters, action cards and spells that damage your opponent. Your health points determine who wins and playing cards costs mana points. By using cards strategically and dealing damage to your opponent, you win the game. The more you win, the more cards you get as a reward. The interface of this game is clear and the explanation is simple, you can master it in no time. That makes Hearthstone a perfect game to play briefly in between.


Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter and Pokémon Go fans have had to wait a while for this smartphone game, but now it really is here: Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a similar game to Pokémon Go but set in the Harry Potter world. Creatures from the magical world have escaped into our 'Muggle World' and you must track down and capture these creatures and abnormalities. The game is fun to get out of the house with but has a few minor drawbacks: you have to do a lot in the game, so you don't really progress. And we mean that literally: you have to walk through the real world to catch magical beasts. It can take quite some time to catch, but the real Harry Potter fans won't let this stop them.


dr. Mario World

For those who feel like a short and accessible game with a nostalgic atmosphere, Dr. Mario World the ideal game. With classic Nintendo music and characters from the Mario world, this is a fun and entertaining game. In the game you have to defeat viruses by catching them with pills. It's a kind of tetris mixed with 4-in-a-row with different levels that you can play through. So for those who still have Candy Crush on their phone: Dr. Mario World is the new and nostalgic replacement!


Trivia Crack 2

Trivia Crack 2 is, of course, the successor to the first version of Trivia Crack and typically intended as games for smartphones are intended: you can play it easily and connect with your friends. This second part gives you access to an even larger database of quiz questions that you can play with friends or strangers. You can choose from three modes: the classic mode in which you spin the wheel and get a question from one of six categories. Some categories are sports, history and entertainment. By correcting three questions in a row, you unlock a character. The first person to win all six characters wins the game. In addition, you can also choose between the tower duel mode and the daily challenge. Each mode allows you to save for other aspects in the game, making it extra fun and expansive.


Pocket City

Pocket City is addictive, you will notice that right away. In this smartphone version of Sim City you build your own city where you have to build houses, roads and facilities. With each new construction you build your city further. Of course, you also have to keep an eye on your income and expenses. In these graphs you can keep track of which facilities and buildings are needed to take your city to the next level. So you can practically keep building in Pocket City and that is precisely what makes the game almost impossible to put down.



Oddmar is a game about the ancient Vikings. The game is interspersed with beautifully animated movies about the life of little Oddmar. Oddmar, as the name suggests, is a bit outside the (viking) boat. He doesn't like fighting as is obvious with the rough Viking people. One day, however, he receives a magical gift from a fairy, that gift should guarantee his place in Valhala. The final game is a platform game where you jump through the levels with Oddmar. The controls are easy and you only need two thumbs to get started with Oddmar. This does mean, in contrast to the other games mentioned in this article, that this game is less suitable to be played on a tablet.


Stranger Things: The Game

Stanger Things: The Game looks exactly like you would expect from a Stranger Things game. With a pixelated 80s look and the well-known Stranger Things tune, it is reminiscent of an old arcade game, but for your smartphone. The game begins with Hopper being notified that the four boys from Stranger Things have disappeared. In old-fashioned Nintendo style you go in search of the missing children. The mechanics of this game are self-explanatory and you are immediately drawn into the story that unfolds in a calm way. Ideal for those who feel like a good but accessible game with an exciting and adventurous approach.



Vain Glory is a game for those of us who like to get stuck in a game and master all the tips and tricks. To be able to play Vain Glory successfully, you have to spend quite a bit of time learning the mechanics. You can eventually make your own build where you can choose from various factors. In the game itself you can buy new weapons to make your character better. Each set you play against a live player. Your goal is to get across the map in front of your opponent and destroy the Vain Crystal there. Because it is a pretty intense game, it does demand something from your smartphone. It is therefore recommended not to play this game on older smartphones.


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