Equalizer APO with Peace Equalizer - Higher and lower

In the list of functions that we are still missing in Windows 10, modern volume management was already discussed. But that's not all, a good equalizer is also missing. If the music you play on your PC needs a small correction in low or high tones, there is no way to correct that within Windows. As with volume management, there is also a good solution for this problem.

Equalizer APO with Peace Equalizer


Free, donation through the SourceForge website


English/German (Equalizer APO), Dutch (Peace Equalizer)


Windows 10


//sf.net/projects/peace-equalizer-apo-extension //sf.net/projects/equalizerapo 10 Score 100

  • Pros
  • Sound Configuration
  • Support up to nine speakers
  • User-friendly thanks to Peace Equalizer
  • Good online wiki
  • For free
  • Negatives
  • Not a typical Windows 10 look

Helge Klein once achieved eternal fame with SetACL, a program to manage user rights. Nowadays he mainly blogs and drew our attention to the combination Equalizer APO and Peace Egualizer. The first is the actual equalizer, the second is a graphical shell for that equalizer. Both products are made under the open source GNU license and are available as a free download on SoureForge. The installation logically starts with Equalizer APO. A simple setup that's done when the program lets you control the devices for playing and recording sound. Equalizer APO offers a graphical representation of the spread of the sound over different bands that you can intervene directly with the mouse, as well as a huge number of filters and options. Fortunately, configurations can be written to and reused in text files. It is a 'nerdy' program that nevertheless requires hardly any system resources.

Peace Equalizer

To make it easier to use, there is an excellent online wiki and the Peace Equalizer. Peace Equalizer is a Windows interface for Equalizer APO that brings the user interface and ease of use of APO to Windows 10 level. There is a choice between a simple interface with only sliders and presets, and a full interface with all functionality such as saving configurations and selecting playback devices. While the full interface is indeed less simple, even this is an improvement over what APO offers as standard. In addition, Peace Egualizer makes the APO tool in Dutch. Furthermore, switching between presets suddenly becomes very easy, you can easily de-select non-relevant presets, assign shortcuts and backup or restore the configuration (handy if a Windows 10 update wrecks things). Peace supports up to nine speakers over stereo up to 5.1 and 7.1 and an extended filter panel. Peace Equalizer just makes APO that much better.


Functionality like Equalizer APO adds to Windows is a must for anyone who plays music through their PC. However, it is the Peace Equalizer interface that makes the program really usable. The Dutch programmer Peter Verbeek who makes and maintains it deserves all the credit for this. A voluntary donation for long-term use is certainly in order, even if it completely lacks the specific look of Windows 10.

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