Read receipt in Gmail with Mailtrack

In WhatsApp you can (if both parties have not disabled it) see whether people have read your message. Wouldn't it be nice if Gmail had check marks like that too? The makers of Mailtrack thought so and built a special extension for read receipt in Gmail.

Install Mail Track

To install Mailtrack, search the Chrome Web Store Mail track and click add on Chrome and then on Add extension in the popup that appears. With most extensions, you're done now, but Mailtrack requires an extra step: logging into your Gmail account. This is necessary because the extension adapts slightly to the emails you are going to send from now on (read more in step 2). Log in to your Gmail account and click To allow and on Sign up free. There is also a paid version (from about 5 euros per month), the free version contains advertisements.

Track emails

You don't have to do anything yourself to use Mailtrack. You click draw up to create a new email and Mailtrack will add a pixel to your email (and an ad: Sent with Mailtrack). You can click away that advertisement individually by e-mail, but it is a good idea to leave it there because the recipient will then at least know that the e-mail is being followed. As soon as the recipient in question opens the mail, the pixel is automatically requested and Mailtrack knows that the mail has been read, of which you will receive a notification. A small disadvantage: Mailtrack does not work if the recipient blocks external content or reads mails in text instead of HTML.

Mail track settings

When your sent e-mail is opened, two check marks will appear and you will receive all kinds of notifications and also a report per day. That may be a bit much, especially if you send a lot of emails. Fortunately, you can adjust this. At the top right of Gmail, click the Mailtrack icon (a green envelope with the word Basic) and you can customize exactly what you want to receive notifications from and whether you want to receive the report or not (and when). This way you also keep the system a bit pleasant for yourself.

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