Bring back the old Facebook Chat

Facebook has recently implemented a lot of innovations. One of the new features is the chat function. This has been thoroughly modified. The chat window is now completely stuck in the right column and not everyone is happy about that. We explain how you can go back to the old model thanks to a browser extension.

Did you like the old chat window better? Then you just take it back. In Firefox, you need the FB Chat Sidebar Disabler extension for this. All you need to do is click the Add to Firefoxbutton to download and install the add-on. Do you surf with Chrome? The Sidebar Disabler extension is also available for you, as well as for Opera users. To return to the revamped Facebook chat feature, simply disable the extension. This can be done via Add-ons / Switch off in Mozilla Firefox, via Additional / Extensions / Switch off in Google Chrome or via Extensions / Manage extensions / Switch off in Opera.

Want to undock the chat window in another tab? You can still do that, although it is a bit more cumbersome. For this you need the popout url. If you like to chat in this way, without having opened the Facebook profile page, it is recommended to bookmark this page.

The add-on is installed in a jiffy.

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