Plukwijzer: Fresh from our own nature

There's nothing like a home-grown nut or fruit. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity and space to grow these natural delicacies themselves. With the Plukwijzer you will find a place in no time where you can pick, but do not have to cultivate.

Plukwijzer is an app in which users can add 'picking spots' where wild fruits or nuts grow. The places are easy to find with the help of a clear map. Most places also have a text that describes exactly where to go and how to get there. Sometimes useful tips are also given on how to process the picked nuts and fruits.

The Plukwijzer database is surprisingly large, so there is always a place nearby where you can pick. What is unfortunately not indicated is the time of year in which the tree or plant in question bears fruit. This would greatly reduce the chance of encountering an empty bush.

In short

Plukwijzer is an app with which you can easily see where you can pick nuts or fruits in the wild. The app is complete and clear. A handy addition would be an addition of the picking seasons for the different nuts and fruits.

Rating 7/10

Price: free

Available for: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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