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You use your email address to create an account. But how often do you actually cancel such an account? Probably rarely if ever. That means you probably have dozens, if not hundreds, of accounts floating around that contain your email address (and perhaps a password you use more often). Time to do something about that. With some help from you can cancel all your accounts.

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The service checks which websites you have an online account on based on your Gmail or Outlook address. We will probably help you out a little bit, unfortunately the website is not able to unsubscribe you with one push of a button. It does offer you a handy overview of where you have created an account. Before the scan can begin, you must first log in with your Gmail or Outlook account. That can't hurt, because you don't give the website your login details, you log in at Google or Outlook itself; you are only authorizing the site to access your account.

Fill delete queue

Once you are logged in, will run a scan and a few seconds later you will see a list of websites where you have an account according to the site. You then have three choices per site. If you click on the exclamation mark, you indicate that you do not have an account with this site, and this entry will be removed from the list. Click on Save then you indicate that you would like to keep this account. Click on Delete queue then place the website in question in the list of websites that you want to remove. Nothing happens at all, it's just a nomination list.

Cancel accounts

When you have made a choice for all websites, you will automatically be taken to the list of websites that you have nominated for removal. Certain websites have a button delete, when you click on it you will be taken directly to the correct page to unsubscribe. Other websites do not have a direct link, so you have to search the site itself for the page to delete your account. When you have unsubscribed, click on Done to indicate that you have processed this website. The good thing is that you don't have to do this in one go; this list will be saved. This way you can cancel a few every day and you will have cleaned up your entire online life within two weeks.

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