LG Q6 – Budget widescreen

The LG Q6 is a smartphone that is very reminiscent of the top model, the LG G6, but in a budget version. For 350 euros you have a device with an extra wide screen, but what else does the Q6 have to offer?


Price € 349,-

Colors Black, silver

OS Android 7.1

Screen 5.5 inch LCD (2160x1080)

Processor 1.4GHz octa-core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 435)


Storage 32 GB (expandable with memory card)

Battery 3,000 mAh

Camera 13 megapixel, 5 megapixel (front)

Connectivity 4G (LTE), Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi, GPS

Format 14.3 x 6.9 x 0.8 cm

Weight 149 grams

Other micro usb

Website www.lg.com/nl 6 Score 60

  • Pros
  • Clean (smooth) Android version
  • Large screen for device size
  • Negatives
  • Screen quality
  • Casing thick and scratch-sensitive

LG is not the only one releasing the budget variants of their best smartphone. For example, Huawei has the P10 Lite and Samsung has also released cheaper editions of the Galaxy S smartphones in the past. The LG Q6, in turn, is derived from the LG G6, an excellent device, but it falls away a bit between other comparable devices such as the Galaxy S8, iPhone 7 and the OnePlus 5.

Gray mouse

The same thing happens a bit with the Q6. Despite the fact that the device is equipped with a striking (wider) 2 by 1 aspect ratio, the smartphone does not really stand out. While the P2 from Lenovo for 300 euros, for example, offers excellent battery life and the Moto G5 (Plus) is all-round very strong for the same price (and has a fingerprint scanner, which is missing on the Q6). The flaw with the Q6 is simply that it doesn't really excel at anything: not in performance, not in camera, not in build quality. The aspect ratio and thin screen bezels are nice. But no more than that.

The aspect ratio and thin screen bezels are nice. But no more than that.

When you first get your hands on the device, you notice that it is quite thick. This makes the Q6 appear larger than it is. Because for a device with a 5.5 inch screen, the size in length and width is actually not that bad. The metal edge around the device makes the Q6 feel very sturdy. The back is made of plastic with a slightly rounded finish and a beautiful color. In my case, I got to test the white version, which is a bit bluish and even a little mirrored. Fortunately, not as bad as the HTC U11, where I was even able to take a selfie in the reflective back.

During testing, however, I discovered three big scratches in the back within a week. The plastic is not scratch resistant at all, because these scratches were created during a bike ride with the Q6 in a backpack that also contained some clothing. Not exactly an extreme situation.


You would think that the somewhat thicker housing leaves room for striking specifications. However, the 1.4 GHz processor (supported by 3GB of RAM) is not a speed monster, but you can't expect that in this price range. The 3,000 mAh battery is also not remarkably large. That is a shame, because with a screen in this size you get about a day to a day and a half of battery time. In line with smartphones in general, but not strikingly so, despite the size.

Also in line is the storage capacity of 32GB, nearly 11 of which are consumed by Android and LG add-ons. The storage capacity can also be expanded with a memory card, so that you always have enough space for your photos, music, videos and apps.

At the bottom is an outdated micro-USB port to charge the device or, for example, to connect it to your PC. However, almost all new smartphones are now equipped with a USB-C port, a new standard that also replaces the USB ports on laptops, for example.

I was given the silver version to test, which is bluish and even a little reflective.

Speaking of gray...

Personally, I'm always warm to LG screens. Ever since I saw OLED screens from this brand at a trade fair, all other TVs have been disappointing to me. And the G6 is also equipped with an excellent (widescreen) screen. Unfortunately, that cannot be said of the Q6, and that is painful, since the 2:1 screen is the point where LG tries to score. But the contrast is moderate, colors are gray as if a blue-gray screen protector is stuck on the screen. The maximum brightness is also not very impressive, which is annoying if you take your smartphone outside in the sun. The moderate screen quality is very noticeable if you place the device next to another smartphone, also in the same price range.

Fortunately, in terms of sharpness, it is good, you do not see a noisy screen. The screen ratio is also pleasant to use. It's funny, for example, that you can take two square photos next to each other. Only it is not always practical, for example when you set up a video, you always have black bars on the sides because almost all videos are recorded in different aspect ratios.


The camera with which the LG Q6 is equipped is not disappointing for the price. LG also has an excellent reputation with me, since the top devices always score high in camera tests. The Q6 is able to shoot a great photo very quickly. In less light, there is some noise, but that does not matter for the money you pay for it. Unfortunately, you do not have many setting options, while the advanced photographer can go all out with raw photography, shutter speed and other light values ​​with the Q6, you only have the option of switching HDR on, off or on automatic with the Q6. And it actually doesn't matter. Because in its automatic mode the photos are very neat - and advanced photographers are better off with a top smartphone equipped with the best camera.

Android 7.1

The Q6 is equipped with the latest Android version: 7.1. The skin takes some getting used to, there is no application overview, but all app icons (along with your widgets) are placed on your home screens. That can get messy. Fortunately, you can organize things 'old-fashioned' via a separate LG app in a home screen and application overview. Personally, I preferred this option.

Furthermore, LG has equipped Android in an exemplary manner. No bloatware such as deceptive virus scanners and games. But a clean and uncluttered operating system. At no point did I feel like installing Nova Launcher to make Android look a little cleaner, which is a compliment. Also, I didn't have to disable or uninstall any apps during the testing period, which is also quite unique.

To compensate for the lack of a fingerprint scanner, LG has added the option to unlock with facial recognition to Android.

During the test period I noticed that the device responds quickly to everything. Launching the camera, calling up the keyboard, apps. I suspect that this is also due to the light Android shell, because the processor and working memory are basic. With heavier games, the device naturally starts to sweat quickly. But for basic tasks such as shooting photos, emailing, WhatsApp, browsing, and so on, the LG Q6 is very suitable.


The LG Q6 is a safe buy and definitely not a bad choice. Still, it doesn't really excel at anything and I still ran into small disappointments during testing. The thick housing that scratches easily, the screen that has a nice size and then offers a disappointing display and the lack of a fingerprint scanner and USB-C port. Fortunately, the clean Android version and smooth camera make up for a lot.

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