Recognize and install fonts with WhatTheFont

Have you seen a nice font that you would like to use yourself? You no longer have to be an expert to figure out the font. We'll show you how to recognize the font with WhatTheFont, after which we'll find and install the font on the internet.

Step 1: WhatTheFont

The WhatTheFont website is specialized in recognizing fonts. This can be done in several ways. We distinguish between recognizing letters that you encounter on a website and fonts 'from the real world'. We start with this last approach. Take a picture with your camera or smartphone of a piece of text of which you want to know the font. A font on a white background works best for recognition. Open the photo in an image editing program (or use and cut out some text. A few words is enough. Save the image and then upload it.

Step 2: Download and Install

WhatTheFont tries to find the letters in your photo and divides them into 'boxes'. Check whether the letters in the boxes are correctly recognized and correct them where necessary. If a letter is not recognized correctly, leave the box blank. Once you're done, What The Font will analyze your text and display a list of visually similar fonts. Behind the fonts you will find a link where you can download the font. You can of course also search via Google. Well-known font files are ttf (True Type Tont) and otf (Open Type Font). Both types are easy to add to Windows. Double click the ttf or otf file for a preview and click to install.

Step 3: Directly from the web

If you come across a nice print on a website while surfing, recognizing it is even easier. If you use Google Chrome, install the WhatFont extension. The extension shows an icon in Chrome. Clicking this changes your mouse pointer into a question mark. Move this over the fonts of a website and you will immediately see which font it is. If you click on a piece of text, you will see detailed information. Use Google to find the font or browse the free font collection at

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