New on Amazon Prime Video: November's Best Series and Movies

For the mere monthly fee of 2.99 euros you have unlimited access to Amazon Prime Video. The American company publishes new titles on its own streaming service every month. Which fresh films and series can you expect in November? This is what's new on Amazon Prime Video.

Borat Subsequent Movie Film

Borat is back from a long time away! British actor Sacha Baron Cohen once again takes on the role of the Kazakh reporter. Fourteen years later, this time he takes his daughter Tuta with him to report on developments in the United States in a playful way. Donald Trump is of course extensively discussed, with Borat ascribing all kinds of surprising 'qualities' to the American president. As expected, the TV personality ends up in all sorts of absurdities. The film of more than an hour and a half can be seen immediately on Amazon Prime Video.

The Pack

For every dog ​​owner, the new series The Pack is delicious entertainment. Twelve pairs of dogs and their owners have to prove their bond in all kinds of situations. The challenges were created by a team of veterinarians and dog experts. For example, how does the dog behave in the icy snow, in the middle of the city or on a meter high bridge? The winner will receive half a million dollars and may also donate an additional 250 thousand dollars to charity. Renowned alpine skier Lindsey Vonn presents The Pack, which can be seen on Amazon from November 20.


Like Borat 2 and The Pack, Greenland is another Amazon Original. This time it is a thriller in which John Garrity realizes that the end of humanity is near. More and more devastating debris from a comet threatens to hit the Earth. John does not just accept that and wants to house his family in a military bunker in Greenland within four days. Easier said than done, because how do you get there when there is chaos and anarchy everywhere? The film can be seen from November 13. Greenland was supposed to appear in theaters first, but due to the corona pandemic, the primary has moved to Amazon's video service.

Truth Seekers

Truth Seekers is a brand new comedy series from Amazon's stable and is available immediately on the video service. The eight episodes zoom in on the findings of eight paranormal investigators who have tracked down various ghosts. They share self-recorded videos in a church, hospital and underground bunker with their followers via an online channel. At first, the findings are fairly innocent, but soon the team uncovers a conspiracy of ghosts that could spell the end of humanity. Can the paranormal investigators save their fellow man from this doom?

Uncle Frank

It will take a while, but Prime subscribers can admire the compelling drama film Uncle Frank on November 25. The story takes place in the 1970s. As soon as Beth goes to college in New York, she decides to visit her Uncle Frank. He is a well-known literature professor there. Beth learns that her beloved uncle is "secretly" living with another man. When Frank's father dies suddenly, he and Beth decide to return to their southern roots for the funeral. Frank turns out to be traumatized throughout his adult life. Is his long-hidden disposition accepted by the family?

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