Helpful Tips for AliExpress Coupons

Singlesday and Black Friday have just passed, so chances are you've been shopping on AliExpress. Have you thought about using coupons? It is often possible to use coupons on AliExpress, especially if your purchase is slightly more expensive. Here are some helpful tips for saving through AliExpress coupons.

Use the coupons from Ali himself

It's a bit out of the ordinary, but you also often get AliExpress coupons when you simply open the app. You even get a coupon when you sign up for the first time. Where you often have to look for a way to get a coupon at Dutch webshops, it works the other way around at AliExpress. There they think: if you have a coupon, then you have an extra reason to purchase. There are also coupons that will be sent to your email. Especially around events such as Singles Day, there is always an Ali coupon in circulation.

Use the seller's coupons

Sellers also often use coupons, although these are usually only valid if you spend an x ​​number of euros. Sometimes this is twenty euros, an amount that you will certainly never save for a phone case or a pack of stickers. There are also Selected coupons, which you can use specifically only in store x and on product x.

Use a cashback site

Cashback websites are not yet known to everyone, but they are handy ways to get just that little bit of extra discount. It often concerns a percentage of your purchase amount and you have to surf to AliExpress via the link of the cashback website. That usually means that you have to use the AliExpress website and not the app. Some cashback websites give you six percent 'credit' of your purchase amount, and that amount is paid out at your request once the total cashback is above 20 or 30 euros.

Use the app

It is a bit contradictory if you want to take the tip above to heart, but actually it is better to use the application from AliExpress than the website. You can count on an extra discount within the app. So you can get the same product cheaper in the app than on the website. This is not the case in all cases, but it does occur regularly. AliExpress would like you to put their app on your phone, because this will of course remind you of the existence of the sales platform even more often.

Unlike many other online stores, AliExpress does not prohibit using more than one coupon at all. To use a coupon, you simply sound like "get coupon" or "get it" which is often next to a coupon. That coupon will then be added to your profile. You go shopping, put something in your shopping cart and then continue with the purchase process. Coupons are often added automatically, but sometimes you can add a code consisting of all kinds of characters, as you can see in the image below.

You can shop especially cheaply on AliExpress if you use and stack coupons. By the way, it will not let your product come through any faster, because the fact remains that you are really busy for a few weeks before your product is there. But, at least you know that you pay a competitive price for it. Perhaps unnecessarily, but be aware of the fact that it is better not to spend too much on AliExpress. If your package contains products that together cost more than 22 euros, you must pay import duties. And yes, then you will lose the costs you just saved.

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