Distort your voice until you don't recognize it anymore

A little DJ quickly has hundreds of euros worth of equipment and software with which he can produce the most beautiful sounds. Fortunately, more and more apps are coming onto the market that closely approximate the feel and performance of this expensive equipment and software. One of those apps is Voice Synth, an app that allows you to distort your voice in almost every possible way.

At first, the app, especially the iPhone version, seems very busy due to all the buttons, sliders and lights. However, if you delve into the app a bit more, you will realize that the app is very versatile. You can record up to 8 voices and after playing with the settings you will no longer recognize your own voice.

The app features a 24-channel equalizer (12 on the iPhone) and several presets that will help you on your way to making your voice unrecognizable.

In short

Voice Synth is a versatile, high-level application. Perhaps the app is a bit too complicated for the layman, but on the other hand, the app is extremely suitable for the connoisseur. The app has a comprehensive equalizer and everything you need to distort your voice beyond recognition.

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