Are you frustrated that your PC seems to be getting slower and slower and you don't know what to do about it? Then Soluto might be something for you: this program takes a close look at all programs that run in the background of Windows and shows you which you can disable. The result: your computer boots noticeably faster.

After the installation of Soluto and a first restart, you will see in the bottom left corner how long it took you to boot. Click on this and you will see why. The programs you have started are clearly shown in three classes: No-brainer (which you can remove without any problems), Potentially removable (which you can remove if you are sure you do not need them), and Required (basic components of Windows that you can't remove without introducing problems, Soluto won't allow it).

For each class of programs, you will be shown how many programs they are and how much time they take to start up. In addition, you can zoom in on any of these programs by hovering the mouse cursor over them. Then you will see a description of the program and a graph of what other users have done with it. So you actually already get advice on what to do best, but of course you don't have to follow the crowd.

Soluto shows you clearly which programs you can remove.

For each program you can choose from three actions. Or let the program start at boot time as it did until now. Since you will be shown how many seconds the program is responsible for during boot, you will certainly prefer a different option with the No-brainer class of programs. If you really need the program, it is best to click on Delay , so that the program will only start in the background after logging in when your computer is idle. On the other hand, if you don't need the program at all, you can click on Pause, which will prevent it from starting automatically, neither during boot nor afterwards.

According to Soluto, you can remove this program without any problems.

Substantial improvement

In our case, Windows 7 originally booted in 56 seconds. After watching all programs in the first two categories and having them paused or postponed, Soluto predicted a boot time of 44 seconds: a whopping 12 seconds faster. The next times we booted, the boot time was found to fluctuate between 41 and 46 seconds. Soluto does offer a substantial improvement in boot time.

Note: Soluto itself was also responsible for a little over 4 seconds of boot time in our case, and this is one of the programs that you cannot remove. After all, if you uninstall Soluto, all original programs will be started again during boot. That's the only downside to this program: it does its job excellently, but will keep you dependent on it if you want to keep your fast computer.

After following Soluto's suggestions, it takes 12 seconds less to boot.



Language English

Download 905 KB

OS Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 bit)

System requirements 512MB RAM

maker soluto

Judgment 7/10


Does what it promises

User friendly

Shows what choice other users made


Not Dutch speaking

After you uninstall Soluto, Windows starts up slower again

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