How to get the most out of the People app in Windows 10

The People app in Windows 10 is very useful once you know how to use it. Here we explain how to get the most out of it.

The People app in Windows 10 contains your contacts, which are then integrated into other apps, such as Mail and Calendar. In the People app itself you can add, link, edit and delete contacts. Also read: Make Windows 10 completely your own with these 14 tips.

View and add contacts

When you open the People app for the first time, chances are you'll only see some of your contacts. To sync contacts from certain apps or services with the People app, you can add accounts under Settings > Accounts > Add an account.

If you'd rather not see the contacts from a particular added account, you can hide them in Settings > Options. below Show only these contacts you can uncheck the services you want to hide.

Contacts can also be added to the People app separately or directly from an email message.

Link items

It regularly happens that the same person appears in several services, so that several profiles are present. For example, when you have added someone on Skype while you also have an email address and phone number for him or her. You can link these individual profiles, so that only one profile is displayed for each person, containing all contact details.

To do this you can click on the icon with the two links. You will then see a list of the already linked profiles (if there are any) and a list of suggestions. These suggestions are made based on matching information in the profiles. Profiles can also be unlinked afterwards.

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