Download via Usenet on your Synology NAS

You can have your Usenet downloads delivered to your Synology NAS automatically with Package Center. We explain how that works.

If you have a Synology NAS, you can install the Download Station program on it via Package Center - Synology's app store with largely free software. This allows you to download torrents, but also download files from Usenet. Usenet is the time-honored discussion platform that has been around for many years. While never designed specifically for file transfers, it can. In discussion groups with the term Binaries you will find all kinds of files. Of course a lot of illegal rubbish, but also open source material. The point is that manual downloading is hardly possible. First, you need to install a newsgroup reader on your computer. And then merge the many split files into a whole. More convenient is software that does that trick for you. And even more convenient is the aforementioned Download Station that does this job for you. After installation, however, a subscription to a Usenet provider is required first. Your own provider may also give you access to newsgroups, but often not to the binary groups. For example, a well-known Usenet provider is XLNed. There you can choose from various subscriptions, where speed and the length of the subscription determine the price. Write down all the data associated with your subscription and log in to your Synology. Launch Download Station. Provide a shared folder in which you want to place your downloads or choose an already existing folder via Location in the menu on the left. Then click - again left - on NZB and fill in all the requested information. At least those are the news server, the News server port, User name, password and Confirm password. rear The number of connections per NZB task enter the number that belongs to your chosen subscription. Be sure to put the option Only allow SSL/TLS connection so no one can see what you are downloading! Finally, you can still limit the maximum download speed to prevent your entire internet connection from being closed during a download action. However, you can also arrange this via the QoS settings of your router, for example. On the left, click on Auto extract and set things up there as desired. Once enabled, you will immediately have the correct files ready after the download process without any further actions! click on OK to make the settings.

Looking for files

Usenet files are provided via an NZB file. Such an NZB file contains a description where all individual pieces can be found. So to search and find files on Usenet, you need to use an NZB search engine. There are free and paid copies, with the latter category sometimes having a little more to offer. For example, a free copy is // Search for a term, for example Ubuntu. Select the file or files you want to download and then click the button Download selected. Save the resulting .nzb file (for example) to your desktop for a while. Then drag this file from there to the still open Download Station window in your browser. A new dialog box will open, click on OK and the download begins. It can be a lot easier for owners of an Android device. Download the DS Get app from Synology. if you click on the download button of on your Android device, you can open it in the relevant app and it will be automatically added to the download queue. Until more than a year ago, this was also possible on iOS devices, but Apple is no longer allowed to do that and so the app can no longer be found in the App Store. However, if you have downloaded it in the past, DS Get can still be found in your purchase list and can still be installed from there.

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