Broadcasting the webcam image live is easier than it seems thanks to Ustream. All you need is a webcam and a free account. The internet traffic of the webcam viewers runs through the servers of Ustream. This minimizes the load on your own internet connection and allows you to broadcast a good image.

1. Register

Surf to and create your free account with the button Sign up. Ustream has social networking features that allow you to connect with other users through the site. These options are optional. You can change the settings of Find people with common interests skip during installation if you don't want to use the social features.

Before you can start a live broadcast, you must first create a new show. This sounds complicated, but it isn't. A show is a kind of 'framework' that you only need to create once. Your broadcast runs in the framework: the live images from your webcam. The show does not have to be permanently online, you can resume the stream whenever you want. Log in to with your username and password (this is automatic the first time after registration) and click next to Logout on your username.

Create a new show to link your webcam image.

2. Streaming video

Choose on Create a show and name your show. Now that the show has been created, you can start your live broadcast. Click on the top right of the screen go live. The name of your show will appear on the screen. Choose broadcast (broadcast) to start. Your web browser asks for confirmation that the webcam is being activated. Approve this with the button To allow. You can now start or stop the broadcast with the green button Start broadcast.

Ustream shows a preview of what viewers will see. This screen is called the monitor. You can choose Local monitor, server monitor or Disable monitor (Switch off). The Local monitor is the webcam image from your computer. The image that the viewer sees can be seen at Server monitor. The image quality for the Server monitor can be adjusted with the slider Video Quality. By default, Ustream broadcasts the image (video) and sound (audio) from your webcam. If you want to mute the sound, for example for privacy reasons, uncheck audio broadcast.

The overview screen of Ustream is well-arranged, you don't have to adjust much.

3. Highly Honored Audience!

The viewers to your video stream need the link to your broadcast. Click on the name of the show above the monitor screen. A new window will open. The address in the web browser is the address to your show. Copy the address with the right mouse button and paste it in an email, on your weblog, website or Facebook. Viewers do not need to register with Ustream to receive the webcam image. After clicking your link, your webcam image will be shown immediately.

Forward the link of your broadcast to your friends or share your webcam via Facebook.

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