Gmail as default mail program in Windows

Gmail users know the advantages of online mail solutions: an excellent spam filter, lightning-fast search and access to all your messages everywhere. One of the drawbacks is mailto links in Windows itself. For example, if you surf the Internet and click on an e-mail address, the default e-mail program opens. Manually copying the address to a new message in Gmail is cumbersome and, thanks to MailTo Updater, unnecessary.

Download MailTo Updater and run the program. If you don't use Google Apps for Domains, choose Normal Gmail. Add protocol the type of connection you want to use: // (unsecured) or // (safe, recommended). Confirm the settings with Apply settings. MailTo Updater works flawlessly on most of our test systems, but on a single computer the program refused to work. After uninstalling Thunderbird it worked fine. If you can't get MailTo Updater to work on your computer, you can install the Google Toolbar. It has a similar function. Another similar program is GmailDefaultMaker.

MailTo Updater forwards your clicks on an email address to Gmail.

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