Working with multiple Dropbox accounts

The first name that comes to mind when we talk about online storage is Dropbox. Most users have all started with the free formula which now gives them 2GB of storage space. However, you quickly reach that limit if you store some video material and a lot of photos in the cloud. You can choose to switch to the paid version, or try one of the tricks to work with multiple Dropbox accounts.

Tip 01: App and website

The easiest way to use two Dropbox accounts on the same machine is an unusual app and website combination. For your primary account, use the familiar Dropbox app. You do not approach the second account via the app, but via the website. Open a browser in incognito mode and visit There you log in with the username and password of your second account. This way you can use two accounts at the same time, so you have double the storage space. However, there are some drawbacks: the web version of Dropbox isn't as fast as the desktop application, and the files you download and edit from aren't synced automatically. In other words, when you make changes to a downloaded document, you have to re-upload it to Dropbox yourself. The changes are only taken into account when you adjust documents directly in the web version.

Tip 02: Shared Folders

To make the method of a combination of the desktop and web application work a little more smoothly, you can work with shared folders. To do this, open your secondary Dropbox account's website. Then click on the button on the right New Shared Folder. In the next window you have the choice: do you want to create a new folder and share it or do you want to share an existing folder. It doesn't matter which option you select. If you are going for a new folder, you have to give it a name in the next window. Then enter your own e-mail address at On and don't forget to indicate that you can edit the contents of the shared folder. Press the button To share to complete this action and you will receive another confirmation email that you have access to your secondary account's shared folder.

Use shared folders to make the combination of desktop and web application work more smoothly

Extra space

The free subscription to Dropbox gives you 2 GB of storage, but you can further expand the free space to about 20 GB. You'll get extra space after you've read the guide in its entirety, when you recommend Dropbox to your friends and family, or by contributing to the Dropbox Community.

Tip 03: Windows Account

You can also use two Dropbox folders on the same PC through two different Windows accounts. First, make sure you have Dropbox installed on your PC. Then you create an extra Windows account. For this you go to Institutions and there you open Accounts. Create an extra profile, linking it to a Microsoft account is not necessary. You do this as follows: click on Family and other persons, followed by Add someone else to this PC. In the next window click on I do not have this person's login details and finally on Add user without a Microsoft account. Now you can set a username and password for the new account.

To use the Dropbox accounts side by side, you must be signed in to both Windows accounts

Tip 04: Search

Now that your second Windows account is ready, make sure you're signed in to both accounts at the same time. Use the shortcut Win+L to do this so that you can also log in to your secondary account. Now install Dropbox here too, but with a different username and just follow the usual steps. When the installation procedure is complete, switch back to your original Windows account via Win+L. Open the Windows Explorer and navigate to the C drive. In the map Users you will now see the folders of the different Windows accounts. Double click on the second account you just created. The system warns that you cannot currently access that folder, but with a click on Get on that problem has also been resolved.

The second user's folder contains the second Dropbox folder. Make it easy on yourself and work with a shortcut of this second Dropbox folder. Right click on it and from the context menu choose the command Create shortcut. Then drag this shortcut to the desktop.

Remember, to use both Dropbox accounts side by side, you must be signed in to both Windows accounts.

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