10 funny things to say to Google Assistant

Since the Google Assistant was available in Dutch last year, it is often used at parties. Bragging about how she can dim the lamps, but also the sense of humor is often appreciated. What are funny reactions to provoke from Google Assistant?

Hey Google, how do you look?

Google Assistant in the Netherlands currently only has the somewhat monotonous female voice to choose from. Luckily she doesn't sound like the infamous purple monkey BonziBuddy from back in the day, but still clearly like a robot. Does she even look like that purple monkey? She can best give you that answer herself.

hey google crystal ball

Of course, Google has enormously impressive artificial knowledge that is also made extra smart through machine learning. But is Google ready to even see into the future? Take a chance by saying "crystal ball" to the assistant.

Hey Google, Hodor

The eighth and final season of the well-known television series (and book series) Game of Thrones is about to start and you probably want to get in the mood again. Just before the bombastic soundtrack starts, say 'Hodor' to the Google Assistant and you can start laughing on the last stretch of this mega popular fantasy series.

Hey Google, do you have pets?

While there are people who see the Google Assistant itself as a kind of pet, you could also ask her if she has them...

Hey Google, what do you do before bed?

According to all scientific journals, we shouldn't actually look at our screens before going to sleep, but if you can't sleep and need a tip, you can always ask Google. Extra tip: also ask about her morning routine.

Hey Google, can you rap for me?

Although Amazon's Alexa is mainly praised for its rap skills, the Google Assistant also appears to be able to do a great job with words. Can it top Alexa's rap skills?

Hey Google, what's your favorite series?

If you're someone who's worried about robots taking over the world one day, maybe you shouldn't ask Google Assistant this question. If you like dark humor, be sure to ask the question.

Hey Google, tell a scary story

A real ghost story told by the Google Assistant? If you know her a bit by now, then you know that she especially likes a strange joke...

hey google surprise me

Google Assistant has the internet as its inexhaustible source of information. If you ask her to surprise you, she will just spoon up something interesting.

Hey Google, can you read minds?

Hopefully you've enjoyed all of the above tips, and to top it off: can you read minds?

There are many more funny commands to give Google Assistant, for example, look in the speech screen on your phone. There you will already get a lot of other funny tips to discuss with the voice assistant. Companies also often have helpers within the Google Assistant that are full of wise answers and so-called easter eggs.

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