This is how you scale images in PowerPoint

Images always make a presentation more powerful because they often say more than whole pieces of text, but usually you have to resize the images. Make it easy on yourself, because PowerPoint can automatically resize an image to fit a shape. And you can resize several images in the presentation together so that they are all this size.

Step 1: Content Boxes

When you want to evoke a certain emotion in the audience, it is best to use images that fill an entire slide. If it is an explanation or support for content, then those images will only take up part of the screen. PowerPoint works with content boxes to automatically resize the image to a preset height and width. Create via the tab Insert An New slide and choose a template that contains those content boxes. You can also insert a content box or shape from an existing slide. Then resize the content box by clicking and dragging a corner. If you are satisfied with the dimensions, click on the icon Pictures and you navigate to the image you want to post and then click Insert. PowerPoint will import the image and automatically resize it to fit the box at the same time.

Step 2: All the same size

Suppose you have three images on a slide that are all different sizes, you can still quickly make them all the same size. First, select all the images by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking each image in turn. Because you have selected images the tab will appear Image Tools / Formatting. In the group Size enter the desired Height and Width in for all images. As you type in the box Height or Width the other box is automatically given a value to maintain the proportion.

Step 3: Scaling together

If you want to use different images that are not all the same size, but if you want to resize them all at once, you have to select them together again. Then click on the corner and drag the images. They will all shrink or enlarge to the same extent.

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