Export your playlists with Soundiiz

Did you opt for that one streaming service a long time ago and now want to switch to another? Thanks to Soundiiz, you can move your Spotify or Deezer playlists to Tidal, Qobuz or Xbox Music in no time at all.

To register

The subscription fee of streaming services is almost identical. However, the barrier to switching is great. Unless you use Soundiiz. In this example we explain how to switch from Spotify to Deezer, but know that Soundiiz can also handle Tidal, YouTube, Rdio, Qobuz, SoundCloud, Last.fm, Napster and Xbox Music. Only Google Play Music is a notable absentee. The application is still in beta, but it works quite well. Go to www.soundiiz.com and click Start converting. Click on the music service you want to link to Soundiiz, in our case Connect to Spotify. Continue with Sign in to Spotify and confirm with OK. Also read: Apple Music vs Spotify - which is the best streaming service?

Choose a destination

Then you also connect to the streaming service you want to move to, for example deezer. click on Connect to Deezer and sign up. Playlists you've created here before now appear in the black box. Don't have an account with Deezer yet? Then you simply choose register here to register.

Drag and drop!

Have you registered at least two services with you? Then it is simply a matter of dragging playlists from one box to another. In the dialog box you can still change the name of the playlist if you wish. click on Convert to start the transfer. Once the action is complete, you will see which numbers have been successfully transferred. Mind you, the conversion does not run perfectly every time. Sometimes you have to try a second time.

Customize lists

Do you want an overview of all songs in a certain playlist? Then click on the gear icon next to a certain list. The trash can removes a song from the list. To listen to the song, simply click on the blue button with the triangle. You will be redirected to the browser version of the relevant music service.

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