10 services to watch and listen without limits

We are of course familiar with Netflix and Spotify, where you can stream unlimited movies, series and music for a fixed monthly fee. In the wake of these two superpowers, there are many more unlimited web services. How about, for example, playing unlimited audiobooks, reading e-books and streaming Dutch hits? Unlimited streaming, reading and listening can be done with these 10 'all you can...' services.

1 HitsNL

Just about all music is of course on Spotify, but in addition to this Swedish provider, there are all kinds of good alternatives. HitsNL is, for example, an interesting web service if you are only interested in Dutch music. For an amount of 3.99 euros per month you get access to an ad-free music catalog on the website. If you prefer to use an Android or iOS app, HitsNL costs five euros per month. Nice is that in the mobile app you have direct access to websites and social media of all artists. You can find everything that is Dutch in this service. From André Hazes to BLØF.

2 The Library

In addition to physical books, you can just as easily read e-books at De Bibliotheek. The range is very wide, because there are thousands of titles available. You can read in different ways: directly in the browser or via the mobile app for Android and iOS. You have three weeks to finish an e-book, after which the title automatically disappears from your personal bookshelf. It is nice that owners of an e-reader can also access this web service by downloading a PDF or EPUB file. Any member of a public library can use this web service. If you are only interested in the digital offer, you can take out a subscription for 42 euros per year.

Honorable Mention: Blendle Premium

You can purchase individual newspaper and magazine articles at the Blendle web service, so that you do not have to buy the entire paper edition. At the beginning of this year, the Utrecht-based company also introduced a Premium subscription. Based on the reading behavior and tips of the Blendle editors, subscribers are presented with twenty new articles every day. In contrast to the other web services discussed in this article, the offer is not unlimited. About 120 titles participate in Blendle Premium. NRC Handelsblad is not one of them, this newspaper recently ended the collaboration. The Premium subscription costs 9.99 euros per month.

3 Amazon Prime Video

Amazon had had a Netflix competitor with Prime Video for several years. Six months ago, the service finally settled in the Netherlands. At 5.99 euros per month, this streaming video service is cheaper than its world-famous competitor. On the other hand, the range is slightly smaller with lesser known titles. Nevertheless, the catalog is still very interesting for film and series enthusiasts, with Amazon also providing all kinds of own productions. Keep in mind that many films/series lack Dutch subtitles. Prime Video is available for the web, iOS, Android and various smart TVs.

4 MagZio

MagZio is a digital reading folder where you have unlimited access to about 120 magazines. You pay 9.95 euros per month for this. Well-known titles such as Zoom.nl, KIJK, Elf Voetbal Magazine, PCM and of course Computer!Totaal are affiliated with this initiative. You use the MagZine app in Windows 10, iOS or Android to access all the reading material. You can download up to eight magazines, so you don't need an internet connection on the go. You can easily exchange read magazines for a new copy. A disadvantage of MagZio is that you can only pay via PayPal.

5 Storytel

Lack of time is a common excuse not to start a book. In that case, an audiobook is an excellent solution, so that you can follow a story while driving, for example. Once you get the hang of it? Storytel gives you access to about forty thousand titles for 9.99 euros per month. From non-fiction and thrillers to children's books. You can save the sound files offline so you can always listen on the go. Storytel is only available for iOS and Android.

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